Diet of Mariyat Mukhina

Diet of Mariyat Mukhina means a combination of two techniques - a diet of healthy nutrition and acupuncture. Losing weight is due to a very modest diet, and the needle in the ear helps to bear a sharp decrease in caloric content. Earring, which affects certain points in the ear, contributes to a decrease in appetite, improving the work of the digestive tract and optimizing metabolism. As a result, the slimming person does not experience the pangs of hunger, feels cheerful and energetic. And this despite the fact that the daily calorie content of dishes is only 1000-1200 kcal. If you can not put the earring, then you can lose weight without it. However, in this case, getting rid of extra pounds will be more difficult.


There must be at least 3 times a day.
It is important to comply with the drinking regime, drinking up to 2 liters per day.
Cook the food only for a couple or cook.
I will have to give up salt and spices.
If the product can be eaten raw, then it is better to do so.

As usual, high-calorie and fatty foods, alcohol and soda are eliminated from the diet. To the standard forbidden list are added boiled carrots and beets, raw onions and garlic.

Breakfast (optional):

Cottage cheese with berries or casserole.
Portion of fish with vegetables.
Fruits and yogurt.
2 eggs and fruits.

Chicken with cabbage.
Stewed vegetables and salad.
Portion of chicken and pumpkin soup.
Milk and seafood.

Eggs and vegetables.
Beef portion with salad.
Vegetable casserole and yogurt.
Stewed vegetables, egg and salad.
To make up the menu you need to approach with imagination, combining the allowed products and preparing from them a wide variety of dishes.

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