Vegetarian diet for a month

This diet is suitable for those who absolutely do not accept products of animal origin in their menu. They adhere to the vegetarian diet and fasting. The essence of nutrition by this method is simple: from the menu all products related to animals are excluded: meat, milk, poultry, fish, etc. The strictest option implies the refusal of food, which includes one of these products: baking, ice cream, confectionery Products, etc.

Doctors do not recommend eating for a long time according to this scheme, since plant food does not contain all the elements necessary for life: proteins, vitamins, some amino acids. On a strict vegetarian menu, the condition of the skin, hair, and nails deteriorates. Developed weakness and fatigue. In this case, you must actively take vitamin complexes and very carefully make up the menu.


If you decide to give up only meat, but do not neglect another animal food, then you will be approached by softer vegetarian food systems:

Ovolaktovegetarian - allows the use of eggs and dairy products;
Lactovegetarian - implies the inclusion in the diet of milk and its derivatives.
Most preferable is the first option, since it allows you to lose weight without much harm to your health. Such a diet can be held for a long time - a month or more.


The diet is made according to a sparing regimen permitting the consumption of eggs and milk.

Breakfast (optional):

Berries with a pair of toast.
A glass of milk and a small bun.
2 slices of bread, citrus, juice.
Toast, carrot casserole and banana.
Cottage cheese casserole, 125 grams of natural yogurt, orange.
Egg, citrus.

Braised in tomato beans, asparagus.
Rice casserole with broccoli, vegetable salad with sour cream, citrus.
Rice, vegetables, pear.
Potatoes, greens, pear.
Carrot casserole with rice, citrus.
Buckwheat, vegetable ragout, fruit.

Cottage cheese and a glass of tomato juice.
Vegetable stew, banana, compote.
Egg, fruit, yogurt.
Sweet pilaf.
Oatmeal, scrambled eggs with vegetables.
Potato and vegetable casserole.
As snacks, you can drink a glass of yogurt or eat some unsweetened fruit. Food under this scheme will allow you to lose up to 8-9 kg per month.

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