Kefir diet for the month

The fact that kefir is much more useful than milk makes it an ideal product for losing weight. It is well absorbed, it saturates the body with vitamins, microelements, supplies it with calcium, potassium and proteins necessary for its functioning. And all this is in easily digestible form. If you regularly drink kefir, then the metabolic processes will improve, immunity will be strengthened, digestion will improve. However, this product is not safe for everyone. Refuse him to those who have gastrointestinal diseases, there are problems with the kidneys and some other organs.


In addition to kefir, you must eat other foods, otherwise you will irreparably damage the body.
4-storied meals are provided. Snack between meals is not allowed.
The diet is made up of products of protein and high-carbohydrate foods.
From sugar, baking and sweets will have to be abandoned.
It is advisable to eat at the same time, not missing meals.
A day should drink at least 1 liter of kefir. Choose a low-fat product.
The basis of the diet consists of products with a minimum calorie content.

We bring to your attention the options for meals for a month. You can combine them in random order and change if necessary, adhering to the general principles of this technique. In addition to every meal, you need to drink a glass and a half kefir. Also a portion of this drink can be drunk before bedtime.

Breakfast (choose):

70 rye bread.
70 grams of cheese.
70 grams of dietary wheat loaves.

100 g of beef, apple.
4 potatoes and an apple.
80 g of beef, 3 potatoes.
Cutting from cucumbers and tomatoes.
2 apples, 3 potatoes, tomato.
100 g of chicken, 2 potatoes.
20 g of cheese, 2 potatoes, tomato.

100 rye bread.
70 grams of cheese.
2 apples.

100 g of beef, carrot salad, apple.
Egg, fruit.
1 cucumber and tomato.
Mix of cucumbers, tomatoes and boiled potatoes.
Egg, piece of cheese.
3 potatoes, egg.
Try to keep the menu varied every day. The form of supply of permitted products can be any, but it is desirable to avoid the process of frying with an abundance of vegetable oil.

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