Egg Diet for a month

Egg is a unique product. It contains a huge amount of useful substances. Calcium, zinc, phosphorus, vitamins A, K, E - this is far from a complete list of vitamins. Due to the high content of niacin in it, the brain will receive the necessary nutrition for it. In a word, losing weight on an egg diet is tasty, healthy and safe. If your initial weight is more than 100 kg, then for a month on this mode of power you will lose from 20 to 28 kg! And the technique refers to the category of non-hungry - many women noted that weight loss is not accompanied by dizziness and weakness. And all thanks to the protein, which in this product a lot.


Eggs are not the only product of the week. They are present in the diet, but do not occupy the bulk of it.
Shock weight loss occurs in the first two weeks. The rest is the fixing of the result.
Actively drink water - at least 1.5 liters daily.
It is necessary to strictly follow the menu, not adding and not reducing the allowed products.
It is acceptable to experiment with the product delivery form. For example, they are not only boiled, but also in the form of omelets or casseroles.
Menu by week

The first two weeks of breakfast is as follows: eat 2 hard boiled eggs, half an orange or grapefruit. And it is better to alternate these citruses every other day.

1 week 2 weeks
Monday - any fruit to choose from;
- a portion of low-fat meat.

- Grilled meat, leaf salad;
- 2 eggs, lettuce, citrus.

Tuesday - grilled chicken;
- vegetable salad, 2 eggs, toast, citrus.

We eat on Monday.
Medium - low-fat, low-fat cheese, toast, tomato;
- Grilled meat.

- boiled meat, cucumber slicing;
-2 eggs, citrus.

Thursday - any fruit until full;
- lettuce leaves with a portion of meat.

- cottage cheese, 2 eggs, vegetables;
- 2 eggs.

Friday - boiled vegetables (beans, peas, carrots, zucchini) and two eggs;
- fish, lettuce, citrus.

- grilled meats and 2-3 tomatoes;
- 2 eggs.

Saturday is a fruit;
- Grilled meats with a lettuce.

- grilled meats and 2-3 tomatoes;
- fruit salad.

Sunday - grilled chicken, vegetables, citrus, tomato;
- To repeat a dinner.

- boiled chicken, vegetables, citrus;
- To repeat a dinner.

3 and 4 weeks

In the third and fourth weeks, you eat the allowed products, which you can consume in any amount during the day.

Diet of the 3rd week by day:

Fruits except bananas, grapes, figs.
Any vegetables in any form, except potatoes.
Vegetables and fruits (except for banned).
Grilled fish and cabbage.
Grilled meat and vegetables.
One kind of fruit.
One kind of fruit.
The last week is considered a "day off". At the end, you can gradually return to normal diet, adding daily new products in small quantities.

Diet of the 4th week:

A quarter of a boiled chicken or 4 steaks of beef, a can of tuna, toast, 3 tomatoes and citrus.
200 grams of meat, cucumbers and tomatoes, grapefruit, apple.
Boiled vegetables, cucumber and tomato, cottage cheese, toast, citrus.
Half of chicken, cucumber, tomato, toast and citrus.
2 eggs, 3 tomatoes, lettuce, citrus.
2 chicken breasts, 120 grams of cottage cheese, toast, cucumbers and tomatoes, grapefruit, kefir.
Bank of tuna in its own juice, boiled vegetables, cucumbers and tomatoes, cottage cheese.
This version of the diet for a month is very similar to the widespread in Europe system of slimming Maggie, because it also does not tolerate violation of the regime and helps quickly get rid of extra pounds.

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