Cabbage Diet for a month

Cabbage can rightfully be called the queen of all vegetables. It is rich in vitamins, well absorbed and low-calorie. It's no accident that it takes a worthy place in most balanced diets. There are a lot of cabbage species, thanks to which, eating only it, you can come up with completely different menus for each day. Regularly eating it, you will digest and clean the digestive tract from the slags. Especially good for these purposes is the usual white cabbage, which is famous for its antioxidant properties.


You can not lose weight on cabbage alone. In the diet must be present protein products.
You can cook it in any way, including it can be eaten raw. However, do not use salt, oil and various condiments abundantly.
Give up the diet if you have problems with the work of the digestive tract, there are kidney diseases or diabetes mellitus.
Use a quality product - fresh and grown in suitable conditions for it.
If it's hard to endure a whole month of such weight loss, you can shorten it to two weeks, take a break for 10-14 days and then lose another 2 weeks. During this pause, eat low-carbohydrate non-caloric food.
Take a vitamin complex for the whole period of weight loss.
Menu for the day

100 g of low-fat cottage cheese (oatmeal porridge), cabbage salad with vegetables.
Cabbage salad with chicken breast, 1 fruit to choose from.
Cabbage soup or stew from different varieties of cabbage.
Lean fish or meat with stewed cabbage.

If you go to the cooking with imagination, then the diet will not only be varied, but also delicious. Here are just a few ideas for creating a suitable diet for weight loss.

Cabbage salad with mushrooms - chop cabbage leaves, 2 eggs and boiled champignons, or other mushrooms.
Casserole - boil the vegetable in salted water, cut into small pieces and lay it in a mold. Sprinkle cheese on top and bake at 180 degrees for 20 minutes.
Cabbage soup with celery: boil cabbage, 6 pcs. Carrots, 6 bulbs, celery, 0.5 kg of green beans, 5 pcs. a tomato. You can use meat or chicken broth. You can also grind all the ingredients in the blender - you will get a vegetable soup-puree.

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