Buckwheat diet for a month

Implies rapid weight loss, which will get rid of 15-20 kg. At once we will tell: this diet for 30 days not from simple and far not to everyone will be on a shoulder. But, despite this, it is very popular among the slimming, because it impresses with the results. The advantages of this technique are hidden in the buckwheat, which is rich in vitamins, nutrients and minerals. Buckwheat often acts as a substitute for meat, because it contains calcium and magnesium, so that the body is strengthened and not subject to stress.


What you need to eat on this diet is clear from its name. In the original version it is assumed that you brew buckwheat the day before - pour it with boiling water and leave it overnight. By morning you have ready meals for the whole day. You can consume it in any amount during the day. But it is forbidden to use salt, sugar, oil and other tricky additives that improve the taste of cereals. With this diet is very important to drink abundantly. Preference is given to water, but you can also enjoy yourself with a cup of unsweetened coffee and herbal infusion. Be sure to take a vitamin complex during this marathon, so as not to overstrain the body with a lack of necessary elements.

Diet Options

Since it is really not easy to sustain a month on one buckwheat, more gentle options have been developed, but this is no less effective.

Buckwheat with yogurt

Fill cereals for the night not with water, but with yogurt. It turns out more delicious and pleasant porridge, which you will eat during the day. Also, some meals can be supplemented with a glass of low-fat fermented milk product.

Buckwheat with dried fruits

Buckwheat almost does not have sugar. Therefore, weight loss is invariably accompanied by attacks of weakness and dizziness. Avoid this will help dried fruits, which are added to the finished product. They diversify the food, make it more useful and full. Dried fruits should not be carried away because of their high calorie content. You can also add honey to the tea.

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