Winter diet for a month

Lose weight in winter is not easy - the body is struggling to save energy, putting it in the form of fat reserves. Because even just to keep your weight in this period - a real feat. For the most desperate, a special diet for the winter is developed, which will help you get rid of excess weight and put yourself in order while the rest get better. The peculiarity of this diet for a month is that you need to eat foods that are available in every home. This is what is presented in the assortment in ordinary stores and does not require special financial expenses. Weight loss occurs gradually, so that the body does not experience stress and does not "revenge" you with bouts of hunger, weakness and dizziness.


We often eat small portions.
We drink at least 1.5 liters a day.
We restrict, but do not exclude carbohydrates - prefer polysaccharides.
We eat variedly, preparing different dishes every day.
Do not neglect fats, especially plant origin.

What exactly to eat, you decide for yourself, inspired by the list of different food options. In addition to three basic meals, snacks are allowed - second breakfasts and afternoon snacks.


Omelette with broccoli, milk and a piece of bread.
Egg, oatmeal with dried fruits.
Sandwich with herbs and cheese, fruit, a glass of yogurt.
Portion of cottage cheese with pear or apple, juice.
Pasta casserole with cheese.

Mushroom soup with meat broth, beetroot salad, pumpkin juice.
Beans with meat, cabbage sliced.
Soup from fish or seafood, baked potatoes, juice.
A portion of fish, a piece of cheese and fruit.
Vegetable stew, milk, poultry.

Portion of chicken, cabbage salad, toast.
Mushroom or sea pilaf, vegetable pancakes, juice.
Vegetable stew, yoghurt.
Meat salad, vegetable casserole.
Egg, 200 g of seafood, kefir.

Any unsweetened fruit.
Salad from sea kale or carrots.
100-150 ml of kefir.
Fruit and berry slicing.
Handful of pumpkin seeds or 3-4 nuts.
Leaves of lettuce.
Apples or pear baked in the oven.
Since losing weight on the winter menu can be delayed, it is very important to monitor motor activity. Regularly do sports (at least 3 hours a week). The diet is quite balanced and varied, so it's possible to adhere to it without any problems for 2-3 months.

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