ABC Diet

The ABC diet is compared to sports, because it is balanced and unfinished. It assumes a fairly varied diet, which allows you to limit yourself to almost anything. Another name for this program is the "traffic light".

Features of food

All products are divided into three groups:

A - red, they will have to be completely excluded from the diet.
B - yellow, these can be eaten almost without restrictions, but not later than 18 hours.
C - green, they can be consumed in any quantity and whenever you want.
Products of group A:

Any fast food, mayonnaise and fatty sauces;
Fatty meat, fat;
Ice cream, sweet pastries, sweets;
Carbonated drinks, beer, champagne;
Semolina, milk.
Group B products:

Porridge and pasta;
Unsweetened pastry from puff pastry;
Low-fat meat;
Caramel, lollipops, chocolate;
Fruits and dried fruits;
Low-fat dairy products.
Group C products:

Seafood and boiled lean fish;
Citrus fruits and apples;
Leafy greens;
Eggs (not more than 2 pieces per day).

To achieve a good result in losing weight, you must follow the simple principles of the ABC diet:

Eat small meals 5-6 times a day.
We cook the food for a couple, do not fry.
After a meal, choose a moderate activity: stroll, do household chores.
Take regular contrast showers, this will help to activate blood circulation and normalize the endocrine system.
The basis of nutrition - vegetable food.
When preparing meals, it is necessary to take into account the calorie content of food and not exceed the recommended indices. So in the first week, daily it is desirable to consume no more than 700-850 kcal, on the second - 600-750 kcal, on the third - 500-650 kcal, on the fourth - 400-550. And the most "hungry" day falls on the middle of the week - Thursday. The first and last days, on the contrary, are the most "well-fed". The last day of a month's abstinence on a "traffic light" should be hungry. There are more extreme versions of weight loss in the system, which involve eating 500, 400 and even 100 kcal. To sustain such a diet is not easy and do not experiment with yourself if you are not sure of your abilities.

Menu for the day:

100 grams of oatmeal and 100 g of kefir.
An Apple.
Low-fat curd 180 grams
Vegetables and a piece of meat.

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