Diet of protein-carbohydrate alternation

Nutrition by Bucha equalizes the interests of proponents of protein diets and carbohydrate aficionados. This technique combines two types of food and mixes them in a special way. Within a month, all days are divided into protein, carbohydrate, or mixed. Thanks to this division, metabolism is stimulated, fat reserves are burned evenly. Losing weight by this system does not cause dizziness, weakness and perfectly suits people with an active lifestyle - fasting attacks are excluded.


The first and second days of the diet are protein, the third - carbohydrate, the fourth - mixed. In total, such cycles during the month will be 7-8, depends on the duration of weight loss. It is desirable to keep the caloric content of food daily and not to exceed 1200 kcal per day for a woman and 1400 for a man. Food is divided into 5-6 times a day. It is important to drink a lot - at least 1.5-2 liters per day. To Gastroenteropathy worked without failures, it is recommended to regularly eat fiber. In days of mixed nutrition, it is important to consume carbohydrate food before 12:00 pm. To accelerate and strengthen weight loss will help fitness.

Cycle menu (for 4 days)

In the proposed menu you can make changes that will not contradict the basic principle of the diet and preserve the balance of proteins and carbohydrates in the diet.

The first protein day:

Cottage cheese with honey;
Chicken and vegetable assortment;
Cottage cheese with raisins;
chicken with vegetables;
A portion of fish or seafood.
Second protein day:

cottage cheese casserole;
Cucumbers and tuna;
Chicken with vegetable assortment.
Carbohydrate day:

Oatmeal with raisins or dried apricots;
Chicken, rice, salad;
Pasta with low-fat sauce;
Chicken with lettuce and croutons;
Steak from the pikeperch.
Mixed day:

Cheese cakes with raisins;
Millet porridge with meat;
Apples baked with honey and cinnamon;
Meat of turkey, vegetable mix.
Try to ensure that the diet was varied and did not recur from day to day. Add new products, come up with your own recipes or be inspired by the already prepared ones.

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