Chemical diet for the month

The diet is aimed at optimizing the processes that occur in the body of each person. Feeding on this system, a person rebuilds the "body chemistry", forcing the organs to work in a new mode. At the heart of this program are natural products. And, despite the name of the diet, any "chemistry" in the products is prohibited. That is, you need to give up ready meals, and eat only healthy and healthy food. Whom only attributed the authorship of this technique. There is even a version that Margaret Thatcher, who allegedly supported herself in shape with the help of this diet, made her hand.

Features and rules

At the heart of the diet are proteins, which for a long time create a feeling of satiety and allow you to lose weight without starving.
Limited intake of carbohydrates, which causes the body to consume fat stores.
Products are combined in a special way, which triggers the metabolism and allows you to get rid of toxins.
The food is fairly balanced, so there is no need to take vitamin supplements.
It is necessary to drink abundantly: water, unsweetened tea and occasionally natural coffee.

It is important to follow clearly the composition of the diet and not to retreat it a single step. In the diet, every meal is considered for all 4 weeks of weight loss.

Week 1

We have breakfast all 7 days the same: half of any citrus and 1-2 eggs.

Lunches and dinners on days:

Fruits until saturation, boiled lean meat.
Chicken fillet steamed, two eggs with vegetable salad and a slice of bread with citrus.
Sandwich with white cheese and tomatoes, boiled lean meat.
Dine with any fruit until saturation, supper with boiled lean meat.
For lunch, eggs with vegetables, for dinner - lean fish, lettuce and citrus.
Any fruit before saturation, boiled lean meat.
Chicken fillet with tomatoes and boiled vegetables, citrus.
Week 2

Breakfast remains the same as the first week.

Further by days:

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday - we have dinner with boiled meat with salad, for dinner 2 eggs with vegetables and citrus.
On Thursday for lunch 2 eggs, cheese, vegetables, and for dinner - 2 eggs.
On Friday afternoon, we eat lean fish fillets, in the evening - 2 eggs.
On Saturday and Sunday, have dinner with boiled meat, fresh tomatoes and citrus, supper with fruit salad.
Week 3

For every day, there are products that you need to eat for all meals until saturation.

Monday is fruit.
Tuesday - vegetables in any form.
Wednesday - fruits and vegetables.
Thursday - cabbage, leaf salad and grilled fish.
Friday - meat or chicken with boiled vegetables.
Saturday and Sunday are one type of fruit to choose from.
Week 4

The products allowed for the day are divided into 3 meals and are used in any order.

¼ chicken, 4 cucumbers and 3 tomatoes, canned tuna, toast, citrus.
200 g of boiled (steam) meat, toast, fruit.
50 g of low-fat cottage cheese or white cheese, boiled vegetables, 2 cucumbers and tomatoes, a piece of bread, citrus.
Half of a chicken, 2 cucumbers and a tomato, toast.
Eggs with lettuce, tomatoes 3 pc., Citrus.
2 pcs. Chicken fillet, 125 lean cottage cheese, tomatoes with cucumbers and a piece of bread, citrus, yogurt.
50 g of cottage cheese, 2 pcs. Cucumbers and tomatoes, canned tuna, leafy greens, toast, citrus.
This diet means a rapid loss of weight, so it is not recommended for people with gastrointestinal diseases, liver, blood vessels. Depending on the initial weight on a chemical diet, you can lose from 8 to 20 kilograms per month.

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