The Kremlin diet for a month

For this diet is the month - the optimal period. During this time, you can lose 7-10 kg, which is quite comfortable and safe for the body. The food program based on the restriction in the carbohydrate diet is based. The logic is simple: without getting energy from food, the body will have to draw it from fat stores.


Ration to build on protein and fatty foods.
You can eat at any time of the day.
The amount of carbohydrates consumed (1 g = eu) is strictly limited - a special table is given, which will allow you to count all used cu
It is advisable not to eat cooked food, as the amount of carbohydrates hidden in it is not always possible to establish accurately.
Compliance with diet implies moderate physical activity.
To adhere to such food it is impossible to persons with sick kidneys, a liver, problems in GASTROINTESTINAL TRACT and cardiac pathologies.
Once a week it is necessary to spend unloading days.
Prohibited products

Sugar, confectionery, porridge;
Bananas, sweet fruits, dried fruits;
Pasta, potatoes;
Sweet drinks, soda, beer;
Dairy products and cocktails with sugar and fruit fillers;
Ketchup, mayonnaise and other sauces, which contain sugar or starch.
Menu for the week

Choose from the proposed options, any in a comfortable sequence. Try to diversify the diet menu for a month, to ensure that the necessary elements and vitamins enter the body.

Breakfast (optional):

100 grams of cheese, omelette with bacon, crab stick, coffee.
Cottage cheese, 2 eggs.
100 grams of cheese, 2 eggs.
4 sausages or a piece of sausage, a cabbage salad.
Cottage cheese with greens.
100 grams of feta cheese, omelette with ham and tomatoes, coffee.
A piece of sausage or sausage, vegetable caviar, coffee.

Sea salad, a portion of baked fish, mushrooms.
Vegetable slicing, a piece of meat, coffee.
Salad from vegetables, 100 grams of meat.
Mushroom salad with vegetables, a portion of shish kebab or chicken.
Vegetable mix of tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, pork loin with egg.
Squid in mayonnaise sauce, steak, a glass of dry wine.
Cress-salad and grilled meats.

5-6 nuts.
10 olives.

Tomato, chicken, unsweetened yogurt.
Cabbage, stewed with mushrooms or boiled. Baked chicken meat with cheese.
Braised fish, tomato, yoghurt.
Green salad, a piece of fish.
A glass of dry wine, cheese, fish with salad, unsweetened yogurt.
A piece of fish, unsweetened yogurt.
Boiled or steamed meat, tomato, yoghurt.
You can also devise dishes on your own. The main thing is that the amount of cu. Did not exceed 40-50 per day for weight loss and 60 while maintaining weight. If you need to quickly lose a lot of kilograms, then carbohydrates should be in the range of 20-30 units.

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