03/04/2011 Beijing Capital International Airport: address, phone number and background information


Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK) serves almost 50 million people each year, making it one of the busiest airports in Asia and the world's number nine. With construction underway on a new terminal in time for the 2008 Olympic Games, Beijing Airport is well poised to continue to act as one of the largest and most state-of-the-art airports in the region. Beijing Capital International Airport terminal is located around 27 km / 17 miles from Beijing city centre and close to the suburbs of Kailiying, Shunihsien and Shunyi. Air China stands out as being the airport's most significant airline by far and is based in Terminal 2, serving some 130+ domestic locations and around 40 international destinations alone. The dedicated Airport expressway leads south-west from the airport to downtown Beijing, offering fast access to the city by express bus, hotel shuttles or taxis. There is a car rental booth at Beijing Airport that can organise car hire with the world's leading agencies. However, you won't be able to rent a car unless you have a Chinese driving license issued in China, and therefore most car rental rates quoted include a personal driver. Beijing Airport is always especially busy, and those concerned about potential delays and baggage problems can enjoy peace of mind by investing in single trip travel insUrance prior to their departure.

Terminal 3 was fully opened on March 26, 2008. At present, there is a main base of Air China, Oneworld, star Alliance, conducted internal and external flights of other airlines. The terminal was designed by a consortium of NACO (Netherlands Airport Consultants BV), UK Architect Foster and Partners and ARUP. Budget airport expansion was 3.5 billion dollars becoming the largest terminal on the area of China (986.000 m2), it is one of the largest terminal facilities in the world. It consists of the main passenger terminal (Terminal 3C), the two satellites (Terminal 3D and Terminal 3E), five above ground and two underground floors, lettered A and B in order to avoid overlap with existing designations of Terminals 1 and 2. From Terminal 3C implemented the domestic flights, Terminal 3E, and 3D is used for international flights. In the waiting rooms at the end of many rows of seats are available outlet. The Third Terminal has 243 escalators, elevators and moving walkways. Each lounge has a department for mothers with children. There are also rooms for disabled guests. In addition to this terminal installed rack for recharging cell phones. D Terminal 3 have a special area called the "World Kitchen". Here are 72 restaUrants offering food for very different tastes: from fast food to traditional, from Chinese to Western.

Transportation center area of 300.000 square meters located in front of third airport terminal. It can accommodate up to 7,000 cars on a two-storey car park. Transportation Center has three travel to different modes of transport: buses, taxis and private cars, which helps to soften the stream of vehicles. Be in the driving through traffic center in cars can not exceed 5 minutes. Transportation Center serves as a line Airport Express train from Beijing. The road on this train from the airport to downtown takes about 18 minutes. The third terminal is divided into three parts. The distance between the extreme terminals - about 2.5 miles. Both local and foreign passengers must register in Terminal 3C, before you get to land at Terminal 3D and 3E. This is a long way between the parts of the third terminal is reduced to two minutes due to internal train.

To move between the first, second and third terminals at the airport there are free shuttle bus service. They are working around the clock. Interval is 10 minutes from 06:00 to 23:00 and 30 minutes from 23:00 to 06:00.

To the airport can be reached in several ways.
1.The train -Airport Express. Can be reached with the second, 10th and 13th lines of the Beijing Subway. Fare is 25 yuan. Train at the airport makes two stops: first to the third terminal (building C), then in the second terminal. She then returned to the city.
2.Taxi services. On the taxi way to the airport from the city center will cost  85 - 100 RMB (including road tolls). Taxis at the airport you can take: the First Terminal - Average lane at the exits from the third to the seventh, the second terminal - the average lane at the exits from the third to seventh.
3.Buses. Between the airport and the city has six bus routes in both directions, which connect different parts of Beijing and the airport. The fare is 16 yuan and tickets can be bought at any of the stops. Stop at the airport are: First Terminal - 1 st floor, exit 7, the second terminal - 1 st Floor, O 9 and 11. Depending on the workload of a road trip from the airport to the center takes about an hour.
Bus routes:
Line 1.Aeroport - Liangma Bridge - Baijiazhuang - Guomao - Panjiayuan - Shilihe - Fangzhuang (every 30 minutes 07:00 - 23:00)
Line 2.Aeroport - Sanyuan Bridge - Dongzximen - Dongsi Shitiao Bridge - Xidan (every 10 minutes 07:00 - last flight of the day)
Line 3.Aeroport - Yuyang hotel - Dongba Bridge - Chaoyang Men - Yabao Lu - Beijing Central Station (every 15 minutes 07:00 - last flight of the day)
Line 4.Aeroport - International Exhibition Center - Xibahe - Anzhen Bridge - Madian Bridge - Bei Taipingzhuang - Jimen Bridge - Friendship hotel - Beijing TV Station - Zizhu Bridge - Hangtian Bridge - Gongzhufen (every 10 minutes 07:00 - 24:00)
Line 5.Aeroport - Xiaoying - Yayuncun - Xueyuan Bridge - Zhongguancun (every 30 minutes 07:00 - 23:00)
Line 6.Aeroport - Wangjing Huayuan Xiqu - Wangjingjie Xikou - Guangshun Dajie Beikou - Wangjing (every 30 minutes 07:00 - 23:00)
Also, from the airport goes direct bus line to Tientsin (Tianjin). Ticket price - is 70 yuan.

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