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1 Championship in throwing of cow patties in Perm region
2 Climbing on the Jade mountain on the island of Taiwan
3 Typhoon NEPARTAK reached the coast of China
4 China sent satellites for the study of dark matter
5 Shenzhen Customs uncovered cases of smuggling luxury goods to 360 million yuan
6 Chinese citizen trying to cross the border by digging Kazakhstan
7 Until the end of 2015 China will open direct flights to the Caspian region
8 China began importing cattle from Australia
9 There are new pictures of the "China Hammer» - Dongfeng HUV
10 Named the most popular Chinese cars in Russia
11 St. Peter Line plans to open a new ferry line between Vladivostok and Shanghai
12 In China the police arrested the thief, "lovivshego" the bait Lingerie
13 Vitas will arrive in China on tour
14 Chinese tourists asked to leave alone the chest nude statue
15 Geely in September, is the best-selling Chinese brand in Russia
16 In China this year plans to build more solar power capacity of 5.3 million kW
17 China has formed a huge traffic jam on the 50-lane highway
18 Renault and Dongfeng will create new electric vehicle
19 Zoologists found in China nanoulitku capable to pass through the eye of a needle
20 Ukraine has resumed exports of dairy products in China
21 Genetics of China could make a useful alcohol
22 Chinese company has announced a new Russian car brand
23 Chery plans to start serial production of the new sedan Arrizo 5
24 Chinese low coasters introduce standing room on planes
25 China and Thailand will link the railway
26 In China can simplify the procedure of registration of permanent residence
27 China is engaged in demining areas bordering Vietnam
28 Chinese athletes were the highest in the world spouses
29 Transplant Russian programmer will head a Chinese scholar
30 Boeing is exploring the possibility of building a plant in China
31 Russia and China are planning to create a general grouping of satellites for lunar exploration
32 Yandex opened an office in Shanghai to work with the Chinese advertisers
33 China will give access to the Central Bank foreign currency market
34 China will launch its own payment system CIPS before the end of 2015
35 In China, the panda climbed to the apiary and shamelessly ate the contents of ten hives
37 Farmers of Russia must be ready to enter the food markets of China
38 Agribusiness was going to triple the supply of meat in China
39 The crisis in China can affect foreign fish exporters
40 Alibaba Tencent ceded the title of the largest companies in China
41 China is helping Russia to develop the Far East
42 Voronezh became a great buy on a Chinese website, but spend less on travel
43 The trade turnover of Russia and China decreased due to the fall in oil prices
44 Chinese online retailer ready to sell Russian goods to China
45 In China a woman swallowed a spoon when eating soup
46 In Russia wiil be cheaper a some Chinese cars
47 Chinese tourists account for 9.58 percent of the total number of international tourists
48 Smartphone HTC Desire 728G supports two SIM-cards
49 Online platform TradeEase, offering goods 200 Chinese stores, launched in Russia
50 In Russia will begin to produce Chinese passenger cars, and in China - KamAZ
51 Direct flights are planning to run from Yakutia and Magadan to Harbin
52 The period of post delivery between Russia and China decline
53 The Chinese news comes on the page "VKontakte"
54 China plans to launch local analog Google Play
55 Bloomberg compared the agreement of Putin in Beijing paper tiger
56 Dongfeng will hold a presentation of new products for Russia
57 Polar sailing expedition in honor of the 70th anniversary of the Victory starts from Murmansk to China Qingdao
58 China reduces retail prices of petroleum
59 Lenovo's IFA-2015 introduced the second generation of Moto 360 hours
60 The Chinese news comes on the page VKontakte
61 Megaphone and China Development Bank signed an agreement for $ 600 million
62 The site of the New Silk Route via Kazakhstan is ready
63 70-year-old pensioner from China stunned the audience, performing dances on a pole
64 In the Chinese province of Henan, two traffic police officers knelt to explain traffic rules drunk driver and his mother
65 The Chinese want to build a rival Tesla Model S
66 Chinese automakers are planning to make a revolution in the field of electromobility
67 Xiaomi will release its first laptop in the beginning of 2016
68 Chinese entrepreneurs interested in investing in the Russian pharmaceutical industry
69 China announced an amnesty in honor of the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II
70 In China amend the Criminal Code
71 China Southern Airlines will open new routes leading to Rome, Dubai and Christchurch
72 The richest Chinese and the head of the IMF warned of a sharp slowdown in the growth of China's economy in the coming years
73 China has introduced "the most stringent in the history of" the rules of registration of SIM cards
74 In China eased restrictions on foreign property buyers
75 Visa-free regime between Russia and China can simplify
76 Chinese military trained falcons and monkeys protect the air base
77 Secret Weapon China plunged into the horror of the US
78 In 2016 FAW may submit a new Russian crossover R20
79 Lenovo introduced a budget version of the 4G-smartphone
80 Chinese crisis may escalate into a third world currency war
81 Global Crisis Made in China
82 Black holes - is the gateway to other universes
83 Tourists from China and Korea in Primorye massively buying chocolate and gold
84 At the Beijing airport the woman drank prohibited to bring a bottle of brandy
85 Furious investors seized the head of China's stock exchanges, and handed him over to police
86 Global automakers: the complexity of the Chinese market
87 China plans to launch a satellite to detect ballistic missiles
88 Li Keqiang presided over the interview in the State Council on accelerating the development of advanced development and 3D-printing
89 Federal Tourism Agency signed an agreement on cooperation with representatives of the PRC
90 In Krasnoyarsk, on the bridge "777" drove a column of tanks with the flag of China
91 Chinese generals have lost weight because of the rehearsal of the Victory Parade
92 Why China built the world's first bridge along the river?
93 Russia and China are preparing for war in Asia
94 China reduced investment in Russia by 20 per cent
95 Top 500 Companies in China included 5 representatives of the Internet industry
96 JAC presents a new pick-T6 for China's domestic market
97 Smartphone ASUS ZenFone 2 Deluxe Special Edition received a 256 GB flash memory
98 The sharp slowdown in international trade in August 2015: the volume of container traffic greatly decreased by tens of percent
99 Chinese woman threatened to fine her dog for comfort
100 Chinese tried to sail to Russia on an inflatable mattress
101 More than 50 thousand people were affected by heavy rainfall in Guizhou Province
102 Sale of new crossover Changan CX70 starts at the end of 2015
103 Users struck a terrible video, in which the surgeon removes the female lips live worm
104 Volkswagen holds a test-drive the new crossover in China
105 Yuan did well thought drawdown
106 China has completed ground tests powerplant booster
107 Smuggling furs from China for 350 thousand dollars found at the airport of Astana
108 Chinese woman for 10 years, pregnant, avoiding life imprisonment Chinese citizen surnamed Zeng for ten years hiding from the prison, declaring pregnancy
109 Rosselkhoznadzor will allow deliveries to Russia of fishery products from China
110 China has blocked 50 sites for the rumors about the explosion in Tianjin
111 The Meizu MX5 Pro Plus will set the microprocessor Samsung Galaxy S6
112 Checkpoint Blagoveshchensk - Heihe switch to simplified customs control
113 Chinese instant messenger QQ became the most popular in the world
114 Kirov manufacturer "Vyatskiy brew" signed a contract in China
115 Chinese businessman donated 10 million yuan for the treatment of subsidiaries thief
116 On the roads of China was seen without camouflage crossover Qoros
117 Japanese expert: the yuan will soon fall to 6.8 per dollar
118 Chinese stamp with 5 stars Euro NCAP tests led to crossover
119 Site of Alphabet, created by Google, is blocked in China
120 China plans in the next five years to fight poverty with the help of rural tourism
121 China and India continue to copy global brands
122 Published prices for luxury sedan Lifan 820 in Russia
123 The new rate of the yuan, why the Chinese authorities to weaken the national currency?
124 Xiaomi has released the first Indian smartphone
125 Beijing official expelled from the Chinese Communist Party for embezzlement of public funds
126 Chinese airline China Southern starts from August 8 to fly from Vladivostok to Harbin and Changchun
127 "Xinhua" bill passed designer "Vladivostok 2000" for real
128 We invite you to the presentation of Wuhan City - one of the most beautiful cities in China!
129 Chinese Landwind X7 finally turned in Range Rover Evoque
130 Asus unveiled Zenfone 2 Deluxe, Zenfone 2 Laser and Zenfone Selfie
131 China has restricted the right of residents to banquets
132 FIBA World Championship 2019 will be held in China
133 In China, under the stairs, and the house found the skeleton of 213 dinosaur eggs
134 Skin cells converted into neurons using chemicals
135 China resident amassed 150 kg of coins to make an offer to his beloved
136 China began construction of a nuclear aircraft carrier
137 In China, the police will appear online
138 Beijing International Airport will close completely on Victory Day
139 The strongest typhoon of the year moves to China, Taiwan and Japan
140 Stealth fighter J-20 and J-31 - China's new superweapon
141 China is engaged in the implementation of charging stations for electric vehicles with the American Tesla
142 China has opened a center for the breeding of wild animals, representing production for the Manchurian tigers
143 "The hunt for the monster" became the highest grossing Chinese film of all time
144 "Ural Airlines" from August doubled the number of flights from Ekaterinburg to Beijing
145 Visa-free entry to Chinese Harbin
146 China has created a copy of the car Tesla Model S
147 In northern China's rains washed earth to the ancient tomb
148 Scientists from China have developed a new technique to combat childhood obesity
149 Putin: Russia is ready to render all possible assistance to China in preparation for the Olympics
150 Some tourist sites in China began to offer services in baby pets
151 China launched the world's first fully automated factory
152 In Russia, Peugeot will sell JAC and Kazakhstan assembly
153 Azerbaijani youth will be trained at leading universities in China
154 UN: World population by the end of the 21st century will reach 11.2 billion people
155 China has shown a competitor Tesla Model S - electric Youxia X
156 Chinese automakers are gaining more and more confident the Russian market
157 The Chinese, who lost money on the stock exchange, offered for sale by hand Lama
158 In China, online beloved of frustration came to blows on the first real meeting
159 Between Omsk and the Chinese city of Urumqi will direct flight
160 Beijing was elected the capital of the Winter Olympics 2022
161 China began to build the world's largest radio telescope
162 China will lift a ban on the sale of game consoles
163 The transformation of China into the global Internet power can make the world a Chinese standard 5G
164 Xiomi announced 4K TV with a thickness of 9.9 mm
165 Acer will release a line of notebooks Cloudbook on Windows 10 at $ 169
166 Huawei and Google introduced a new smartphone Nexus-autumn
167 China predict a repeat of the US stock market crash
168 Jamaica introduced a visa-free regime with China
169 Thousands of people were evacuated after the typhoon "Hagibis" coast of the South China
170 China revives tourism along the Silk Road
171 Rich Chinese have bought tickets to space on
172 Beijing subway has refused to rename the 35 stations of the fourth branch at the time of the World Cup in Brazil
173 China to build 7 million municipal apartments
174 In London will be open the Chinese clearing bank
175 In 2015 in China will be born two million babies
176 Chinese designer presented a collection of underwear from gold
177 In China the bride appeared in a necklace of 70 gold bracelets
178 The construction of an "unsinkable Titanic" in the county Dain Sichuan
179 Company Acer Liquid E700 smartphone shown with three SIM-cards
180 Potala Palace in Tibet will launch online ticket sales
181 Asian headquarters of "Miss Tourism International" settles in Southwest China
182 Increase in the number of Chinese tourists in Israel is more than 30 percent
183 In 2013, the number of Chinese tourists visiting Cuba increased by 18 percent
184 China came in first place in the world and the number of committed foreign tours, and the volume of their foreign consumption
185 In Sanya will be Asia's largest port for cruise liners
186 Tourist trains organized for tourists from China who wish to visit Lake Baikal
187 In Hunan open courses of super-dads
188 Chinese astronauts can eat worms
189 In Jiangsu Province opened 9th China Retail Trade
190 Benefits of Chinese hybrid rice cultivation technology over other similar technologies are undeniable - Academician Yuan Lunpin
191 Chinese tourists are asked to simplify visa to the UK
192 China will hold a "desert" beauty contest
193 Chinese have built a toilet as the "White House"
194 Permanent population of Macao exceeded 614,000 people
195 Grown in vitro Chinese sturgeon does not lose the ability to migrate
196 After seven years China will capture half of the global automotive industry
197 Citizen of Kazakhstan tried to smuggle in from China to Kazakhstan 900 mobile phones
198 97-year-old man climbed the lesnitse on most high-rise building in Taiwan
199 At the foot of the Great Wall discovered chess pieces made ​​in the 14-17 centuries
200 In Tibet found the seeds of naked barley 3000 years ago
201 In Chengdu discovered the ruins of an irrigation system 4000 years ago
202 In China have discovered the earliest people
203 Spy shots of the new Chinese Great Wall C50 appeared on the Internet
204 Chinese military took over macaques in the service
205 In China rising bad debt- the debt levels reached nearly three-year high
206 Possible war of China and Vietnam in the South China Sea
207 Chinese companies will build 70 subway stations in Moscow
208 Man-punching bag from China allows himself to beat for the money-VIDEO
209 China is developing a new satellite to predict of earthquakes
210 China moves to cleaner automotive fuel
211 In China discovered 7-inch tablet Samsung SM-T2558
212 China has banned the eating of rare animals
213 Greenpeace tried to steal samples of Chinese GM crops
214 China will build a high-speed railway through the whole of Africa
215 Guangdong Province, China has flooded due to heavy rains- VIDEO
216 Hypersonic-speed railway over 3000 km/h being tested in China- VIDEO
217 Alien palm prints with dinosaur footprints found on rocks in China- VIDEO
218 Due to an explosion of tanks with oil in China were evacuated 300 people- VIDEO
219 Ancient dragon found in China- VIDEO
220 Fossilized embryos of unknown animals found in China - VIDEO
221 From Hong Kong hotel accidentally dumped in a landfill painting for $ 3.7 million- VIDEO
222 Heart and circulatory system is older than half a billion years found in China– VIDEO
223 Chinese authorities seized the ex-Minister of Security of China $ 14.5 billion- VIDEO
224 Extreme man Scott Young did a handstand on the edge of a 40-story skyscraper in Shanghai, China- VIDEO
225 Reason of solar superflares the Chinese scientists have found - VIDEO
226 Collision of two bulk carriers occurred off the coast of Japan - VIDEO
227 Russian ruble became the second currency in China - VIDEO
228 Four-footed three-meter shark found in southwest China – VIDEO
229 Smallest "Lamborghini" for only $ 800 has created by Chinese farmer - VIDEO
230 Giant skull with teeth-blades older than 4 thousand years found in China - VIDEO
231 iPhone exploded like a grenade at the inhabitant of Shenzhen, China - VIDEO
232 In Madame Tussauds of Hong Kong installed wax figure of Maria Sharapova - VIDEO
233 Girl’s leg lengthened by 23 centimeters in China- VIDEO
234 Waterfalls from toilet bowls in Foshan City, Guangdong, China - VIDEO
235 Chinese fifth-generation fighter J-20 made its first successful flight
236 Prehistoric "City of Lions" found on the bottom of Qiandao Lake (Thousand Island Lake) in Zhejiang Province, China- VIDEO
237 FBI detained an arsonist of Chinese Consulate General in San Francisco
238 In the 2012- the year of the Russian tourism in China- only the reported in Russian the news of tourism from Sanya City and Hainan Province
239 The world's biggest bus created in China
240 In China the former Soviet aircraft carrier "Kiev" was turned into a hotel- the address
241 World Joyland Park- the world's largest park of computer games near Shanghai in China
242 Jurassic Park was discovered in China
243 World Chocolate Wonderland in Shanghai - the exhibition of famous art objects from chocolate in China
244 The longest Christmas cake was prepared in China – the address on the map
245 Chinese shadow puppet theater in Beijing, China - the address on the map
246 Top managers of investment fund in China were sentenced to death for fraud
247 Unique glass bridge was opened on the Tianmen mountain in Hunan Province, China
248 St Regis Tianjin – is the "cubic" hotel in China
249 Dentech China 2011
250 International Glass Art and Decoration Expo in Shanghai, China
251 China International Architectural Expo 2011
252 Tour Operators of Russia will redirect tourists from China to other countries
253 Icecream China 2011
254 International Exhibition of Ceramics 2011 in Foshan, China
255 Canton Fair - 2011 in Guangzhou, China
256 In Moscow opened the exhibition "Russian China"
257 China Toy Exhibition 2011 in Shanghai
258 China (Shenzhen) International Logistics & Transportation Fair 2011 (CILF)
259 Exhibition of sound and light musical equipment 2011 in Shanghai, China
260 China International Fluid Machinery Exhibition 2011 in Shanghai, China
261 China Traditional Chinese Medicine Fair 2011
262 Beijing International Sport and Leisure Bicycle Exhibition 2011 - the address
263 China will become the second country in the world with strategic UAV
264 In India sell the “cheapest Tablet PC”, but in China - cheaper!
265 Obama has replaced the Colonel Sanders in China
266 Ukrainian Ministry of Education will ask China to help study of Chinese language
267 China celebrates the 62nd anniversary of the PRC
268 China launches the first space orbiter
269 BBC News discovered giant fungus in China
270 Denis Lebedev knocked out Roy Jones Jr. and confirmed championship ambitions
271 Ex-IMF leader Dominique Strauss-Kahn has been released from jail
272 "Day of Chinese tourism" on May 19: will Chinese journalists help Egypt to lure Chinese tourists from Hainan?
273 Rosneft and BP declined to "Arctic deal" - China has a chance to get oil and gas in the Arctic
274 President of the European Council came to China to expand cooperation between EU and China
275 Chief of Staff of People's Liberation Army (PLA) Chen Bingde arrived in the USA to open a new stage in relations between the military departments
276 In China near Dalian City have a large forest fires
277 China gets access to the petrochemical technologies of Europe
278 In the bank in Gansu Province, China was explosion: 39 injured
279 Saab does not want to share the latest technology with the Chinese company Hawtai Motor
280 Chinese investors prefer countries of Africa and African oil chooses China
281 China urges USA to recognize market economy status of China and insists on the removal of restrictions on exports
282 Death Sentence for former mayor of Shenzhen, China delayed by two years
283 The largest unmanned helicopter V750 will enable China to gain a foothold in the global market of unmanned helicopters
284 Инвестиции в будущее: Китай инвестирует в развитие железных дорог 114,7 миллиардов долларов США
285 In China against drunk drivers are allowed to use tear gas
286 Китайская цена для импортируемой из России нефти-будет ли скидка Китаю?
287 Chinese Automobile Company Hawtai Motor Group is preparing to enter on the European car market
288 China has tightened the punishment for driving while intoxicated
289 Record growth of the Chinese yuan to U.S. dollar
290 China's population reached 1.339 billion people on the basis of the latest census of China
291 Record growth of the Chinese yuan to U.S. dollar
292 Swatch FIVB World Tour 2011 was opened in Sanya, Hainan
293 Beijing International Movie Festival Kicks Off in China
294 China diversifies its reserves through the creation of large investment funds
295 Beijing International Movie Festival Kicks Off in China
296 China sharply increases its own production of coal, reducing its imports
297 China supports the Europe - PRC agreed to buy public debt of European countries
298 Debt of CNPC to Transneft could not stop oil supplies from Russia to China
299 Debt of CNPC to Transneft could not stop oil supplies from Russia to China
300 China will be the first on the world luxury market in 2011: results of Hainan Rendez Vous 2011 in Sanya, Hainan
301 The development of microelectronics in China-in Hainan was opened Chinese Silicon Valley
302 Schedule for the Boao Forum for Asia 2011 in Boao, Hainan, China
303 Boao Forum for Asia 2011 will present in Boao, Hainan, China the new scenarios for the world economy
304 President Medvedev will discuss at the BRICS summit 2011 in Sanya, Hainan, China oil and gas supplies
305 Concentration of radioactive isotopes I-131, Cs-134 and Cs-137 in China
306 In China was announced about ban on import of food products from Japan
307 04/06/2011 Radioactive water from Fukushima NPP, Japan do not threat to China
308 04/05/2011 Radioactive isotopes in China: concentration of I-131, Cs-134 and Cs-137
309 04/02/2011 Levels of background radiation in China in April, 2011 do not threat to tourists
310 03/30/2011 Radiation in China- levels of background radiation do not threat to tourists
311 03/15/2011 Fukushima NPP accident and earthquake do not threat to the China
312 03/04/2011 Beijing Capital International Airport: address, phone number and background information
313 02/24/2011 General information about China